Get ready now for the 2021 CBR Driving & Riding Theory Tests

Dear ‘Dutch driver’ to be,

Prepare now for your CBR Driving/Riding Theory Test. You'll be taking this in a cubicle (car only) or with an official TolkenNet translator (motorcycle and moped) on a touch screen computer, being able to answer questions on knowledge and insight in your own time.

Don't underestimate this test! Allow for at least ± 25 hours of study, the average for our learner-drivers with a 1st-time pass! TrafficTrainer comes with a complete modular online training programme: 15+ Chapters to study plus a very extensive 13.500+ Revision Questions database for the

  • Car: B licence
  • Motorcycle: A licences
  • Moped (blue/yellow plates) & Mobility car: AM licences

Includes 300+ Hazard Perception questions and allows you to take Hazard Perception, Knowledge and Insight mock tests separately (car only). TrafficTrainer matches the latest CBR theory test questions that you can expect. Especially a lot of attention is paid to in-depth explanations of all the possible answers. For those needing to take this test in English, TrafficTrainer is simply the best, better than all the rest, because:

  • includes all the learning materials from other online & theory book publishers plus much more
  • you’ll study all the Topics in the relevant Chapters according to a step-by-step programme
  • after each Chapter you’ll take a 10 Questions Test, checking your knowledge of those topics
  • you can take as many of these 10 Questions Tests as you need until you score 9 out of 10
  • we update daily, if necessary, with the latest actual CBR Driving Theory Test questions
  • take unlimited separate car mock tests for Hazard Perception, Insight & Knowledge
  • after having gone through all the Chapters you start with the Complete Theory Tests
  • you can take an unlimited amount of Complete Theory Tests until you feel confident
  • you get trained in the actual CBR theory test system with/without the official timer
  • you get unlimited access 24/7 for the option chosen
  • this system is identical to the CBR Theory Tests
  • you get TheorySupport by e-mail if needed

TrafficTrainer provides a free demo of the program - a mixture of the theory and revision questions for the car/moped/motorcycle - to get an idea of the setup; afterwards, you can either take just one test or get access to the whole system for one hour (provider dependant)! Like it? Then you can subscribe for a whole week of unlimited access (no time limit on the hours) for as little as € 14,95.

If you have not previously studied for this test we seriously recommend subscribing for at least a whole month as there is a lot of material to study and heaps of revision questions to run through. After applying and paying online you'll get your password by return e-mail; your time will start running from the moment you log in. Need more time to study? Well, there are also subscriptions for two and three months.

During your subscription period, our TheorySupport offers content help and in-depth explanations for the learning materials and revision questions through or you can call +31 (0)6 53817695.

For any other issues or help for problems when logging in, language choice or payments contact the help desk by e-mail or call +31 (0)492 538444. All lines open Monday-Friday 9 am/5 pm CEST; outside these days/times, our voice mail is active.